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Theresa Hutton ~ Puppy/Cat Mill (Toledo, WA)

Theresa & Katherine Hutton - Puppy/Cat Mill!!! (Toledo, WA)
June 15, 2007:Murky drinking water, deadly virus found at dog rescue:
TOLEDO, Wash. - Animal cruelty charges are pending against a horse owner and dog breeder who may now also be in violation of a quarantine involving a deadly disease in Lewis County.The case involves a dozen horses and more than a hundred dogs. Lewis County health officials are checking the property northeast of Toledo.The place calls itself Three Mountains Dog Rescue. The health officers have been here before and found more than 120 dogs in outdoor cages with murky drinking water.Officials found indications that the deadly brucellosis virus may be spreading through the dogs. 41 had to be euthanized, we're told.Those horses were seized.A quarantine order was slapped on the place because of the dog disease.Lewis County prosecutor Mike Golden is investigating allegations that the property owner brought in more dogs, violating the quarantine."Potentially the court could order if it finds her in contempt, could order all of those animals be removed," said Golden. "The fact that she may or may not have too many dogs on the property is one issue. But what really has her in trouble now with the law is that horse. She's not supposed to have any horses here.""I think it's horrible. I'm appalled. I think it's horrible," said Tonja Nichols, a neighbor. "I know this is the country and people can have animals, but animals have rights and they should be treated well."We tried and failed to get a response from owner Theresa Hutton. She told us earlier that she doesn't hurt animals; she rescues them."It just seems really wrong and unjust," said Nichols. Animal rights folks see horses that need new homes and dogs that may have been given a death sentence because of what they fear is an unchecked spread of brucellosis.The Lewis County prosecutor will make an animal cruelty charging decision next week.

July 2nd, 2007:12-year-old girl missing from Lewis County home: Video:" target="_blank"

July 2nd, 2007:12-year-old missing girl located:" target="_blank"

Katie HuttonTOLEDO, Wash. – The Lewis County Sheriff’s Dept. on Monday was searching for a 12-year-old girl who has been missing since late Saturday night. Search-and-rescue crews were notified after someone spotted the girl walking along a road Monday evening. Katie Hutton's mother told Lewis County sheriff's deputies she and her daughter got into an argument at their Toledo-area home Saturday night, and on Sunday morning, her mother says, Katie and her pink bicycle were gone. She said she looked most of the day before reporting Katie missing just before 4 p.m. Sunday.
Video" target="_blank"
Katie Hutton missing since Saturday
Katie is very small for a 12-year-old - standing just 3 feet, 6 inches tall and weighing 60 pounds. Neighbor Tonja Nichols searched her own five acres for the little girl. "And I obviously didn't find anything. I'm very upset, my kids are upset. I can't sleep," she said. The sheriff says it doesn't appear Katie has ever run away. There has been stress in the family as of late. Katie's mother, Theresa, who says she runs a dog rescue, is being investigated for animal neglect. A few weeks ago, police and health officials swept through the property and euthanized 41 dogs with a contagious animal disease called brucellosis. "We were there several times on official business... had nothing to do with child abuse or anything like that, but we were there because of the dogs, and that would heighten someone's sense of uneasiness," said Sheriff Steve Mansfield. Deputies were hoping leads would come from talking with neighbors and searching the thick woods in case the little girl has simply lost her way.

Allegedly ill-kept dogs seized:
By April Chan The Olympian • Published August 15, 2007 Fifty-four dogs seized from a Toledo home remain under quarantine, Lewis County Animal Services spokeswoman Amy Clark said Wednesday. The dogs were taken after the owner failed to appear in Lewis County District Court to face animal-cruelty charges related to horses on the property. The dogs were living in filthy conditions, and many didn’t have food or clean water, Clark said. Up to 80 dogs were left on the property because the shelter couldn’t accommodate them, she said.Theresa Hutton of Toledo was arrested Aug. 9. She was released Friday on her own recognizance after making her court appearance, prosecutor Michael Golden said. Hutton said she wasn’t aware of the mandatory court appearance. Officers took only small, expensive and rare breeding dogs, Hutton said.“The dogs were fat and healthy except for the two with mange,” she said. Their living area hadn’t been cleaned, and they didn’t have food and water because she was in jail, she said.In April, the state Department of Agriculture placed Hutton’s property under quarantine after veterinarians saw dogs infected with canine brucellosis and traced the disease to her residence, Clark said.County staff has tested animals at the property several times for further infection, and 41 have been euthanized, Hutton said.Hutton is scheduled to appear in court again Sept. 5 to follow up on the three counts against her regarding the horses, Golden said.The charges came about after Lewis County investigators filed a petition regarding 11 horses in her care. The animals reportedly did not have adequate shelter or clean water and were confined for extended periods. Several reportedly had split hooves or overgrown hooves and areas of rot.Hutton’s children are living with a relative as she continues to fight the animal cruelty charges, she said. The relative had reportedly filed a parenting petition after Hutton’s 12-year-old daughter ran away from home. A judge decided there was reason to investigate and has instructed that Hutton can see her children once a week for now.“They just want to come home,” Hutton said of her children. “They ask about how their animals are doing. My 5-year-old has never been away from me. It’s just so traumatizing it’s unbelievable.”

April 15, 2009:
Chehalis Mom On Trial For Starving, Abusing Child: Video included:
CHEHALIS, Wash. -- A Chehalis mother is on trial on charges of criminally mistreating her child.
Charges came after a raid on Theresa Hutton’s property in June 2007 to rescue animals, not children.
More than 40 dogs and two horses bred by Hutton had to be euthanized after contracting a deadly disease while living in filthy conditions.
Prosecutors said Hutton also mistreated her young daughter on the property, forcing her to sleep outside on hay without any blankets, feeding her little and subjecting her to bizarre and painful punishment.
A teacher testified on Wednesday about the girl being very small. Prosecutors said the abuse the girl suffered led to a form of dwarfism.
School staff said they also witnessed her hoarding food.
"In the beginning she would steal food and want to take it home. She was hungry. She would voice that she was hungry," said school employee Kim Satcher.
The little girl was also responsible for cleaning up pens for a nearly 100 dogs before going to school and would arrive filthy.
"She had a very strong odor. She would often have feces on her," Satcher said.
The girl, who grew 2 inches and gained 6 pounds in six months after being removed from her mother's care, also took the stand on Wednesday.
KIRO 7 was asked not to record her testimony, but among other things she said that she hid food from school in trees near her home, that her mom would hit her with rocks and sticks and that once her mom made her dig a hole to bury a horse.
She also said her mother threatened to tie a brick to her leg and throw it in the pond.
The girl testified that she was not allowed to use the bathroom inside and that on the nights she was allowed to sleep inside, she would have to sleep in a closet.
She also said her mom had a form of punishment called the “cockroach” where she would basically do toe touches with straight legs for hours on end.
When asked what would have happened if she would have stayed with her mother, the girl said she probably would have died.

April 21, 2009:
Woman Found Guilty Of Nearly Starving Daughter To Death:
LEWIS COUNTY, Wash. -- After little more than an hour of deliberation, a jury found a Lewis County woman guilty on Monday of nearly starving her daughter to death.
Theresa Hutton could be sentenced to up to five years in prison.
Prosecutors said Hutton also forced her daughter to sleep outside.
Investigators said they discovered the abuse two years ago when they raided Hutton's Toledo-area property to seize neglected animals.
Police said the abuse and lack of food caused the girl, now 13, to develop a form of dwarfism.
A sentencing date has not yet been set.

The Everett Herald: Published: Tuesday, April 21st, 2009:Toledo woman convicted of mistreating daughter:
Associated Press CHEHALIS -- A Toledo woman who withheld food and water from her 13-year-old daughter, made her sleep outdoors and care for more than 100 dogs has been convicted of criminal mistreatment.KITI and KELA report it took the Lewis County Superior Court jury less than an hour Monday to return the verdict against Theresa Hutton.Her daughter had run away and weighed less than 60 pounds when she was found.Deputy Prosecutor Colin Hayes could ask for up to five years in prison when the 35-year-old woman is sentenced later this month in Chehalis.Last summer, Hutton pleaded guilty to animal cruelty after a disease led to euthanizing more than 40 dogs she had been raising in what county officials believe was a puppy mill.

Theresa & Katherine Hutton - Puppy/Cat Mill!!! (Toledo, WA)
This woman is a puppy/cat mill. She runs the above ad on CL. Her name is: "Theresa Hutton" and "Katherine Hutton" and "Kristeena Hutton", and they lives at: 181 - Kinzie Road, Toledo, WA 98591. The animals are all in cages outside of her trailer home. The woman is covered in mud, and animal feces/urine, and is real filthy. The animals have no water or food. She yells at the animals. The cats are all caged together, and climbing up the sides of the pen and screaming! She already had over 100 animals taken from her, and yet she still has many animals being severely neglected!! She also has a current court case regarding this matter. The police said "we can not go beyond her LOCKED GATE without a warrant". We need to do more to put a stop to this woman, and her neglect and cruelty to these animals!!

Lewis County Assessor/Treasurer Information for

Parcel #014700026000
Parcel Number: 014700026000
Use Code: 18
Other Residential Parcel Address: 181 KINZIE RD TOLEDO WA
TCA: 510
Current Use Flag: No
Owner Address: 181 KINZIE RD TOLEDO WA 98591
Total Acres: 5.00
Taxpayer Name: HUTTON , THERESA
Partial Legal Description: Section 25 Township 12N Range 01W PT SW4 NE4 LOT 17 CHEHALIS PARK DIV II ROS 5/54 Taxpayer Address: 181 KINZIE RD TOLEDO WA 98591 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Property Values Tax Year Assessed Value Land Value Improvement Value Current Use Land Taxable Value Regular Taxable Value Excess
2009 $56,000 $41,000 $15,000 --- $56,000 $56,000
2008 $56,000 $41,000 $15,000 --- $56,000 $56,000
2007 $40,000 $25,000 $15,000 --- $40,000 $40,000
2006 $40,000 $25,000 $15,000 --- $40,000 $40,000 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Sales Sale Date Sale Amount Seller Name Buyer Name Auditor File Number 05/08/1995 $18,000.00 MONSON, CHRISTOPHER M. JOHNSON, STEVE 0650/0219 03/05/2002 $22,000.00 JOHNSON, STEVE HUTTON THERESA 3133438 --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Here is the court record of civil and criminal charges regarding "Theresa Ann Hutton":

55 Hutton, Theresa Plaintiff Lewis County Dist Y7-C01330 08-23-2007
56 Hutton, Theresa Plaintiff Lewis County Dist Y7-C01409 09-05-2007
57 Hutton, Theresa Judgment Creditor G H Co Superior 06-9-01439-3 08-18-2006 58 Hutton, Theresa Petitioner G H Co Superior 06-3-00179-6 05-05-2006
59 Hutton, Theresa Respondent Lewis County Dist Y0-H00132 08-18-2000
60 Hutton, Theresa A H/w Defendant Cowlitz Superior Ct 93-2-00785-1 07-19-1993
61 Hutton, Theresa Ann Defendant Lewis County Dist 7Y0000184 07-13-2007
62 Hutton, Theresa Ann Defendant Lewis County Dist 7Y0000238 11-19-2007
63 Hutton, Theresa Ann Defendant Lewis County Dist I00038075 07-30-2007
64 Hutton, Theresa Ann Defendant Lewis County Dist I00038471 10-12-2007
65 Hutton, Theresa Ann Defendant Lewis County Dist I00038540 10-01-2007
66 Hutton, Theresa Ann Defendant Lewis County Dist I00038878 10-31-2007
67 Hutton, Theresa Ann Defendant Lewis County Dist I00039046 10-08-2007
68 Hutton, Theresa Ann Defendant Lewis County Dist I00039085 10-01-2007
69 Hutton, Theresa Ann Defendant Lewis County Dist I00039100 10-29-2007
70 Hutton, Theresa Ann Defendant Lewis County Dist I00039128 10-08-2007
71 Hutton, Theresa Ann Defendant Lewis County Dist I00039154 10-22-2007
72 Hutton, Theresa Ann Defendant Lewis County Dist I00039157 10-29-2007
73 Hutton, Theresa Ann Defendant Lewis County Dist I00039327 11-26-2007
74 Hutton, Theresa Ann Defendant Lewis County Dist I00039405 11-20-2007
75 Hutton, Theresa Ann Defendant Lewis County Dist I00039409 11-26-2007
76 Hutton, Theresa Ann Defendant Lewis Co Superior 08-1-00491-5 07-25-2008
77 Hutton, Theresa Ann Petitioner Lewis Co Superior 98-2-01477-4 12-07-1998
78 Hutton, Theresa Ann Respondent Lewis Co Superior 98-2-00986-0 08-19-1998 79 Hutton, Theresa Ann Respondent Lewis Co Superior 98-2-01426-0 11-20-1998 80 Hutton, Theresa Ann Respondent Lewis Co Superior 07-3-00256-3 06-20-2007 81 Hutton, Theresa Ann Defendant Lewis County Dist C00071960 11-29-1995
82 Hutton, Theresa Ann Defendant Cowlitz District C03250KE 06-05-1996
83 Hutton, Theresa Ann Defendant Lewis County Dist C00074441 08-25-1998
84 Hutton, Theresa Ann Defendant Lewis County Dist C00077166 11-21-1995
85 Hutton, Theresa Ann (sunshine) Respondent Lewis Co Superior 95-2-01332-3 11-20-1995
86 Hutton, Theresa H/w Plaintiff Cowlitz Superior Ct 93-2-01179-3 10-21-1993

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  1. This was not all of the story. Instead of throwing stones. A toddler pregnant with your second child the babies daddy dies within days of getting pregnant his family treats you like you're not his family they don't help you they go against you this could have went another way but it didn't. People should be decent and helpful when it comes to tragedy. Not destroy